Dental care is a critical part of overall health

After health insurance, dental insurance is one of the top sought-after benefits by employers. At Optimyl Benefits, we make it easy to offer dental insurance to your employees by building dental options directly into our level-funded products. With us, you’ll find a broad national network of quality dental providers, ensuring access no matter where you and your employees are.

Our Dental Plans Feature

Simplified Bundled Administration
We connect and coordinate all your level-funded benefits to work together and enhance all aspects of care.
Broad Top-Tier National Networks
Our dental provider network offers over 780,000 access points nationwide with plans that fit a wide variety of needs.
Money Back From Unused Claims
The possibility of getting unused funds back at the end of the plan year if claims are lower than expected.

Instead of juggling multiple insurance companies, Optimyl Benefits can bundle your medical and dental to reduce complexity.

Find out how we can simplify your offerings and reduce costs with dental coverage from Optimyl Benefits. Contact us today at +1 855-706-0272 or fill out our online contact form to learn more.