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Optimyl Benefits is changing the way small businesses experience their health insurance by using bold ideas, data-driven technology, and a laser focus on customer service.

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Optimyl Delivers Plans Crafted Specifically for Small Employers.
Drawing from deep experience working with small employers, Optimyl has found the “optimal” balance:
Offering a customizable product portfolio while keeping health insurance administration simple with a one-stop-shop package.
Providing plan design and network strategies that extract savings from market inefficiencies without compromising the value of benefits or service.
Underwriting sustainably to create lower rates while focusing on long-term horizons.
Introducing new tech solutions where prior market solutions fall short while leaning on certain tried-and-true methods that continue to get the job done.
What We Offer
Quality benefits at affordable rates regardless of the size of your business.

Level-Funded Medical Plans.

Customizable Coverage & Benefit Levels

Choose from a wide range of plans specifically designed for your business and employees.

Level-Funded Dental Plans.

Broad Top-Tier National Networks

Dental Plans built directly into the level-funded medical product to simplify administration and maximize savings.

Fully-Insured Vision Plans.

High-Quality, Affordable Vision Care

Round out your benefits package with fully-insured vision plans underwritten by VSP, bundle billed by Optimyl for administrative ease.

Health Plan Resources

Whether you’re an employer, member, or broker, take advantage of the valuable resources Optimyl Benefits provides to help improve the health plan experience.

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Explore the full Optimyl experience and make the most out of your plan for your employees.
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Explore our member resources to get information about what’s available to you.

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Our technology extends to the brokers we partner with in order to make it easy to work with us.