Our Plans

Optimyl is changing the face of health insurance for small employers by delivering a plan crafted specifically for them.
Our mission is to change the way small businesses experience their health insurance by using bold ideas, data-driven technology, and a laser focus on customer service. No matter the size of your group, we have options designed specifically for you. That’s why we’re a trusted provider of small employers throughout the U.S.
What We Offer
Quality benefits at affordable rates regardless of the size of your business.

Level-Funded Medical Plans.

Customizable Coverage & Benefit Levels

Choose from a wide range of plans specifically designed for your business and employees.

Level-Funded Dental Plans.

Broad Top-Tier National Networks

Dental Plans built directly into the level-funded product to simplify administration and maximize savings.

Fully-Insured Vision Plans.

High-Quality, Affordable Vision Care

Round out your benefits package with fully-insured vision plans underwritten by VSP, bundle billed by Optimyl for administrative ease.