Our Story

Optimyl Benefits provides affordable, high-quality, and easy-to-use healthcare plans to Small Employers.

We believe small employers have been underserved in healthcare for far too long. Small employers have traditionally had the option of fully insured plans, which are often expensive, inflexible, and opaque. Self-funded options exist in the market, but many larger health insurance carriers and even part of the broker community don’t like providing solutions below a specific group size. These players prefer to work with larger employers offering more sales revenue.

Believe it or not, even at Optimyl, when first obtaining benefits for our employees before our launch, we were initially DTQ’d (declined benefits) as we didn’t neatly fit in the box of the carrier quoting our benefits. Buying benefits for small employers was not designed to be easy.

Optimyl has addressed these issues by designing health insurance plans built specifically for small employers. Our plans are flexible, transparent, and for the right employers, significantly lower cost without compromising the value of benefits.
Every element of our program was selected with our target customers in mind, from product elements, such as plan designs, networks, pharmacy benefits, and stop-loss features, to administrative approaches to customer service, customer onboarding, and reporting. We partner with selective brokers that take the time to seek out and vet innovative solutions on behalf of their clients and will fight for the small employer.
Please reach out to us if you’re ready for something different.

The Optimyl Benefits Self-Funded Program enables an employer to establish and provide self-funded group health coverage to its employees. Stop Loss Insurance is underwritten by The North River Insurance Company or Gerber Life Insurance Company. Stop Loss coverage may vary or may not be available in all states.