Plan Docs/Training & Marketing

It’s your career. Learn everything you need to know about selling your Optimyl plan.
We provide the plan documents, training, and marketing resources that you need to ignite it.

Plan Documents

Whatever your client’s healthcare needs, you can help them create their ideal solution with Optimyl benefits.

Training Resources

Optimyl provides educational resources to help you and your clients better understand our products.

Marketing Resources

Optimyl provides customized marketing resources to help grow and promote your business.

Ready to Partner with Optimyl Benefits?

Optimyl Benefits partners with selective brokers that take the time to seek out and vet innovative solutions, making it more convenient for small employers to get the health coverage they need – no matter the plan they choose. Find out more about partnering with Optimyl Benefits by contacting us today at +1 855-706-0272 or clicking the link below to get started.